My daily Dump

11 Jul My Daily Dump

Ok so “my daily dump” doesn’t sound very glamorous but it’s the only way to describe it. Each day I write in a notebook about whatever is on my mind. It all started after reading the book “The Artist’s Way” By Julia Cameron. The book was a recommendation from a very talented artist, who also happens to be a good friend. It suggests you write three full A4 pages every day as soon as you get up in the morning about whatever comes to mind. It’s about the act of writing. Pen to paper.


Now I don’t follow this entirely although I do write most days and average one page per day. I also carry my notebook with me everywhere. I will often write in the morning just after getting up, or just before bed or even during a break at work when my mind is in overload. If I can’t focus on my work and my mind won’t stop with the re-runs of the day’s events, past or future, I write. What I write can be complete and utter nonsense, but that nonsense is being released from my ‘overactive’ mind onto paper and I can then move on with my day. It’s so therapeutic! It’s like a day spa for your mind. Sometimes I vent my frustrations about something or someone. Sometimes I write about how I’ve got nothing to write about. Other times I have the most amazing ideas or breakthroughs. There are no rules.


“Often amongst all the garbage there is a shining gem. An idea, a thought that changes you forever.” Rachel Dean


I have actually never gone back and read anything I’ve written as that’s not the point of it. However I have had ideas for blog posts and things that I would like to incorporate into my daily life such as meditation. It’s amazing what problems you may be writing about and the solution pops into your head as if by magic. But it’s not magic. New ideas, solutions and breakthroughs happen when your mind is free.


Now I’ve started journals so many times in the past but I had this stupid idea of what journaling meant. It was always a pretty A5 notebook and I always had to write with a nice pen and have my best handwriting on show. Completely ridiculous! And because it may not have lived up to that ideal or I didn’t write in it for a month I would think “why bother” so I would throw them away.


My daily dump has no rules. Bad handwriting, who gives a s***. Swap between a black and blue pen. (Ok I admit I still struggle with this. I just prefer blue pens) Write lines upon lines of “I have nothing to write about”, yep keep giving it to me. All it’s about is getting my thoughts, whatever they may be, on paper to allow my mind to be free.




I’d love to hear from you! Do you have your own version of the daily dump? How has it helped you?


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