Who can benefit from a life coach? If you answer yes to any of the questions below then the answer is you.

Is something on your mind that keeps you awake at night?


Are you stuck in a rut? And have no idea how to get out?


If life is good with no complaints, but you know something is missing?


Do you have desires, dreams and goals but not sure how to make them come to life?


Is there a lack of support around you?


Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, canít focus?


Are you asking yourself what is next for you once the kids are at school or all grown up?


What about when you grow up, what do you want to be?
(Iím 35 and only recently figured this out)

Life Coaching can take your life to the next level. Help you clear the clutter that is surrounding your life physically and mentally. Help you knock those roadblocks down and take your life to new heights. Life Coaching can help you find the confidence, clarity and skills to move you forward in any area of your life.


Ok so you understand what a life coach is good for and what they can do for you, but why choose Rachel Dean to coach you to success beyond your wildest dreams? Because she loves this stuff, itís what she lives for. She loves to empower people. She loves to help people discover what is blocking them from achieving their goals, their dreams, their desires. She loves to see someone light up when they discover what they want to do is possible and have worked out the plan to get there.


Coaching is conducted by phone or Skype.


Start with a FREE 20 minute telephone/Skype coaching session.


In this FREE session we can both make sure it is the right fit. Also if you are new to coaching this 20 minute FREE session can give you insight into what to expect. If you enjoy the session we can then discuss the next step. To set-up a time for your 20min FREE session please contact Rachel:



Phone: +61 0408 783 304


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