I am all about living life on my terms. For too long I’ve spent my life doing what I ‘should’ be doing rather than the things that I’m passionate about and have a strong pull towards.

I worked my way up in the television industry from an administration assistant to a sales assistant and then a Sales Executive. I spent 8 years as an average advertising sales executive; however that changed 3 years ago. I wrote more revenue per month than I had ever done before and reached a high level of revenue growth during a time when the local economy was struggling. All the sales training I did over the years did not get me there. It was my own personal development journey that made me jump from average to great. I am not your typical “sales person” and when making money is my number one priority, ‘I suck’! I changed the way I looked at my job and the way I went about it and it paid off ‘big time’!

  1. She thinks she’s funny and often laughs at herself…
  2. She loves self-development and business books (hates the word self-help… “I don’t need help…I want to feel empowered”)
  3. Loves to travel and explore new places
  4. Refers to her dog Chloe as her “soul sister”
  5. Always wanted to be a Victoria Secret model…. They look like they have so much fun! (If only they didn’t have a height requirement, I’m sure she would have been walking along side Gisele and the gang)
  6. Always had a fascination with New York and after visiting in 2014 is now obsessed and wants to live there…
  7. Is dying to be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon…who wouldn’t go into a lip sync battle with Jimmy?

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